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Jean Campbell Winchell started this site, and here in her own words, she explains why she is putting so much time and effort into the project.

Jean Campbell Winchell At Her 50th Class Reunion

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"My mother, Hazel Russell Campbell, passed away in 1994. Being an only child, all of her things came to me. She had boxes and boxes of things she had saved. It took me a long time to go through them.

In one box, I found legal sized papers that my grandfather (Lennie Russell) had written his memories on before he died. I have tried to copy it just like he wrote it. Some of the spelling is wrong and not the best English, but I wanted to do it just as he wrote it so have left it that way. Sometimes, he wrote like they talked. If there is a (?) that means I couldn’t read the writing and am not sure what it is or if it is right.

It was so interesting and I thought I should have a copy of it so I typed it up. After I typed it, I thought how nice it would be if each one of my boys had a copy of it. Then I thought – I wonder if I can do a web page and then all the family would be able to read it.

When I started working on it, I realized I had a lot of pictures that would go along with it. So, I learned how to do that. It has been quite a job and I am still working on it. After doing all that, I thought about the rest of my family and with a lot of handed down family history, I decided I would try to do each family.

My mother wrote down so many things that she remembered and that had been passed down through the generations. The bad part was that much of it she wrote on little scraps of paper. It has been quite a job sorting it and I am still working on it.

I am not doing a family tree. I am only taking each grandparent and doing a direct line back as far as I can. It makes me want to do research and find out more but if I am to get down everything I already have, I must stick to that for now.”

Marlen Steward in Colorado with one of his horses

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I am Marlen Duane Steward, cousin to Jean, and after I saw the wonderful work Jean was doing, I volunteered to help her and add my side of the Cardington heritage to the site.

The common thread of Cardington heritage that both Jean and I have is the Campbell Family. My mother and Jean’s dad were brother and sister.

Plus as I was growing up, my parents would make regular trips from Columbus to Cardington on weekends. My parents would hardly let me out of our yard in Columbus, but in Cardington they would turn me loose and the town was mine to explore and investigate.

This included the river that ran through the town; the railroad that ran through town and the railroad station that used a teletype machine; the feed mills down by the railroad; the junkyard down by the river; the cemetery; all the stores in the town; the telephone switchboard that my and Jean’s grandma operated ( I would spend hours with her and sometimes she would let me listen in on a conversation); then when I would get tired of exploring, I would usually end up at Jean’s house before returning to which ever grandma’s house my mother and dad were staying with. Both of my grandmas lived in Cardington.

Jean’s home, at that time (a 40 acre farm on Morgan St), backed up to the river, and Jean and I spent many hours playing along the river.