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Photos of Big Granddad's Life Page 2:

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The picture says "Our House - Burr Place"

"1919 - 1920 lived on Burr Place."

Daniel and Ruth in the background. We are not sure where the Burr Place was, but we think it was a farm closer to Cardington.

This picture was on the page with all of the Burr Place pictures, so we assume it was the barn and out buildings of the Burr Place.

This picture was also on the page with all of the Burr Place pictures. It is a picture of little granddad's horse and buggy. The picture was labeled "Pet" which was the name of little granddad's horse. If this is the Burr Place, little granddad traveled in his horse and buggy to see Cloyd and his family. The barn in the background in not little granddad's barn.

Herbert with his home made Buckeye necklace. Picture was taken in the back of the Burr house. Notice grandma's wash tub hanging on the wall and the hand operated clothes washer below the wash tub.

Cloyd and Zilla Campbell visiting neighbors, summer of 1919.

Cloyd and Zilla Campbell, taken at the Burr Place in 1920

Carl and Herbert Campbell, taken at the Burr Place in 1920

Ruth Campbell, taken at the Burr Place in 1920

Cloyd Campbell's family, taken at the Burr Place,Sept. 1922

Henry Duncan, Cloyd Campbell, and Will Herbert. Taken in summer of 1923, probably at the Herbert Reunion.

I show this picture because it was taken at the Burr Place and dated 1925. Grandma Campbell is in the upper right of the picture, and big granddad is in the middle of the front row. The rest of the people are probably neighbors. The significance of the picture is the date. The next dated picture we have was taken on West Main in Cardington and dated 1928. So sometime between 1925 and 1928 they moved to 320 West Main Street.

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