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Godfrey Augustus Speck was my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. He was born in 1754. In Germany, State of Saxony, City of Dresden – the capital of Saxony, a state densely populated and noted for its great are treasurers, and porcelain made not far distant.

Saxony maintains a large army and has furnished the world may great military men.

Godfrey Augustus Speck, as was the custom of his country, was compelled to travel for one year to gain information to benefit him in his trade. Such people were called traveling journeymen. This was at the time of war between the United Colonies and King George III of England, who contracted with the Hessian King for soldiers at thirty-five dollars per head. A gentleman came up to him (Godfrey) and asked if he was going to stop at the inn. He proved to be a recruiting officer and he decoyed Godfrey to the wharf to see a big vessel. Then they run him up a plank on board and by some means unknown, he was landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1774. He then settled in Baltimore and was married in 1779 to Sarah Townsend who was born in Virginia, September 10, 1763. They lived in Baltimore until their fourth child Augustus Speck (my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather) was born on December 13, 1787. One year later they moved farther south in the state. He moved his effects on a wheelbarrow while his wife carried their youngest child, Augustus, over one-hundred miles and walked over mountains while the older children kept up with them on foot the entire journey.

On their route they passed through a place called the “Shades of Death” where the pines were so thick that they could not see the sun at noonday. Their next move was to Virginia, then to Ohio on Cross Creek. That was in 1800. The next account we have they moved to Westchester, Ohio, where Godfrey died December 24, 1828. The following are the names of the children of Godfrey Augustus and Sarah Speck, as unto that union was born eight children from whom their blood is traced direct through his descendants to the date 1900.

Susan Speck was born February 12, 1781.
Frederick Speck was born April 20, 1783. Frederick fought in the War of 1812, and he has never been heard of since.
Samuel Speck was born November 23, 1785.
Augustus Speck was born December 13, 1787.
Elizabeth Speck was born December 20, 1789.
Mary Speck was born May 4, 1782.
Annie Speck was born December 7, 1794.
Sarah Speck was born September 7, 1896.

Godfrey Augustus Speck died December 24, 1828 and is interred at Freeport, Ohio Cemetery. Benjamin Cramer dug the grave.

Sarah Reed Speck, wife of Godfrey A. Speck died December 13,1815 and is interred at Freeport, Ohio Cemetery.

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