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Map Information by Carl Steward
Map Prepared by Marlen Steward

This Is The Harry and Mary Steward Farm

Carl Warren Steward Sr. wrote that he was born on a farm east of Cardington, Ohio on March 4, 1922. Due to a heavy snow storm in early March, the autos of that day could not get through and the Doctor came to the Steward home on horseback to deliver the baby.

Carl's father and mother (Harry Burton Steward and Mary Elizabeth Steward) moved from a rented farm to a farm purchased on Morris Road one and one-half miles northeast of Cardington when Carl was 3 years old (1925). Carl's sister, Lola, was married and living in Marion, Ohio, and Carl's brother, Harold, was in Florida picking oranges just outside Ft Myers.

Carl attended a one room rural school (P.S. No.6) located on St Route 42 two miles northeast of Cardington at the junction of the Edison road, and the Quakerdom rural school near the Friends' Church south of Mt Gilead for one year (eighth grade). Carl attended Cardington High School and graduated in 1939 in a class of 29 students.

The Farm Was Located Just Off Route 42 One And One Half Miles Northeast of Cardington