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Photos of Big Granddad's Life:

Daniel was born October 7, 1880, at Edison, Ohio, to Diatha Ann Schell Campbell and Joseph Abijah Campbell. He lived all of his life in Morrow County.

Daniel's son Carl wrote the following:
Daniel's father was a R.R. Section Boss, so when their son (Daniel) was a young man, they did not want him to be a railroad man, so they bought a farm way down in Westfield Twp. and moved there in about 1898. Then Daniel Cloyd met a farmer's daughter, who lived close by, named Druzilla Herbert.

Daniel and Druzilla made their home about two miles northeast of the Herbert's homestead, in a small house just east of his parents home.

Daniel Cloyd and Druzilla Herbert Campbell had three children. Delno Carl was born August 9, 1902. Bernard Herbert was born June 4, 1904 and Ruth Olivette was born December 30, 1908. They were all born on a farm belonging to Daniel's father, just west of Cardington, Ohio.

Daniel was a farmer until they moved into Cardington, and then he was a Electric Lineman for the Morrow Public Service Company. I (Jean) remember going with my mother once to something going on there. I think it was a cooking school. They had a drawing and had me draw a name. I drew my mother's name and she won a floor lamp! I (Marlen) can remember my mother saying that she also worked for the "Electric Company" either just before she got married or just after. I think they called Morrow Public Service Company the "Electric Company".

Daniel and family ran the Ice Cream store in Cardington for a while after they moved to town. We think that it may have been around 1920 because Jean thinks she can remember her father saying he worked in the Ice Cream store when he was 16. We don't know who the people are in the picture.

I (Jean) barely remember big granddad. I was just a little over five years old when he died. He seemed so big to me. I (Jean) remember we kids (my cousins and I) getting in trouble the day of his funeral. Grandma and Grandpa had a player piano that Ruth had bought with her "Electric Company" wages, and we kids always loved to play it. The day of his funeral, we were playing it. It was probably mostly Paul and I. Everything seemed to be fine until we started playing The Old Rugged Cross. It didn't take long for an adult to come and make us stop! I don't think we understood why..

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As a young boy.

Daniel and Druzilla were married on October 21, 1901 in the Herbert's homestead in Westfield Township. Picture taken in December 1901

Cloyd and Zilla, these pictures could have been taken between 1901 and 1912.

Cloyd and Zilla taken in 1912

Cloyd smoking his pipe in the onion patch summer of 1913

The boys Carl (11 years) on left and Herbert (9 years) on right had to also work in the garden with their dad. Love those hats!

The boys Herbert on left and Carl on right managed to find time to play with Queen, summer of 1913.

Grandma Campbell labeled this photo "CLOWNS Herbert & Carl & Queen"
This picture gives a good indication of what Cloyd's farm was like, summer of 1913.

Queen was a great farm dog and the boy's got their love for their dog naturally from their granddad Joseph Campbell who lived next door. You can see little granddad's love for his dog when you visit Joseph Campbell's page.

In the summer of 1913, Pearl Rubrecht, a cousin on the Herbert side of the family came to the farm for a visit. Here Cloyd is taking Pearl and the boys on a hike around the farm.

Picture taken on the same hike around the farm. Here Carl, Cloyd and Herbert sit on a huge tree that apparently had been blown over. It must have been a very strong wind to blow that big of a tree over. Summer of 1913.

In the summer of 1915, Pearl Rubrecht, came back to visit the farm along with Mary Baker. Here they are riding "Betty"

Here Mary Baker is riding "Betty". Notice the picture is taken in front of the house and Little Granddad's house is in the background to the west.

The boys are now old enough to take on more serious chores. Here Herbert (11 years) is getting ready to do the milking. Taken summer of 1915.

The boys got a new dog "Spot". Taken summer of 1915.

The boys still found time to play.
Notice again, Little Granddad's house in the background to the west.
Taken summer of 1915.

And, the boys found time to include their sister, Ruth, (7 years) in their fun.
Taken summer of 1915.

In 1915 the Counterman's Bridge was built in Westfield Township at Schaaf's Corners. Cloyd worked on the bridge. That looks like him on the right

While Pearl was visiting, Cloyd brought them all to see the project. From left to right, "Spot" the dog, have no idea who the man is, the little girl is Ruth , Herbert, Pearl Rubrecht, Mary Baker, Carl and Cloyd in the foreground.


Daniel Cloyd Campbell and family home. The barn to the west is Daniel's Dad's barn.

Picture taken 1912. Daniel's barn was to the right (East) of the house.

Daniel's barn east of their house. Picture taken 1915.

Daniel's Dad's barn west of their house.

Daniel's Dad's farm west of their house.

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