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My dad was born on Saturday, June 4, 1904, in the middle of the afternoon, to Daniel Cloyd Campbell and Druzilla Laura Herbert Campbell. He was born on a farm belonging to his grandfather just west of Cardington, Ohio.


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Taken in September 1981 just as they stood together in the picture above.

Picture taken April 12, 1912
Written on back of picture "Schorr School on land owned by Grandpa Benjamin Herbert and later by Uncle George Herbert".

Going from left to right, Herbert is the second one, and Carl is the seventh one (in front of the tree). Herbert was not quite 8 years old when this picture was taken. They skipped him over 7th grade. He started to Cardington High School in 1917.

Names of those in the picture Left to Right: Burl Bartlett, Herbert Campbell, Ray Miller, Harry Pfirsch, Arlis Reichert, Ralph Miller, Carl Campbell, Milton Klingle, (?), Ellsworth Bartlett, Harold Augenstein, Harry Miller, Bernice Bartlett, Florence Reichert, Elva Hartpence - Teacher, Gladys Augenstein, Violet Hartpence, Bessie Bartlett, Grace Augenstein.

Carl (11 years) on left and Herbert (9 years) in the garden. Love those hats!
Picture taken summer 1913.

Herbert and Carl with Queen, summer of 1913.

Grandma Campbell labeled this photo "CLOWNS Herbert & Carl & Queen", summer of 1913.

Carl, Herbert and their dog Queenie, summer of 1913.

Carl, dad and Herbert sit on a huge tree that apparently had been blown over, summer of 1913.

Herbert on stump, summer of 1913.

Herbert Milking
On back of picture: 1915 - Herbert Bernard Campbell with Bessie (raised from a calf). He says he had to milk, this picture is not pretending!

The boys got a new dog "Spot", summer of 1915.

The boys found time to play ball, summer of 1915.

However, the boys found time to include their sister, Ruth, (7 years) in their fun.
Taken summer of 1915.

He first worked helping his father in an Isaly's store. In the back room of Isaly's, they had butter and eggs they had bought from farmers. In the front of the store, they sold Isaly's ice cream, sandwiches, candy and tobacco. Isaly's headquarters was in Marion, Ohio. We don't know the people in this picture.

Around the time he was working in Isaly's, he bought his first car. It was a gray touring car and had side curtains to hurriedly snap on if it rained.

Jean's note: I don't remember what year, but Chester Shaffer came to live with us to help my dad. He was nine years older than I was. He drove a milk truck for Isaly's. Early every morning, he would drive to the farms and pick up cans of milk. Then he would drive the truckload to Marion to unload it. One time, he took me with him. When we got to Marion, they unloaded the truck and then Chester got me a big ice cream cone! Fun for me!! Isaly's ice cream was the best! Also, when I was around 10 years old there was a handicapped man who didn't live far from us. I can't remember his name. Everyday, he would pay me to go to Isaly's to get food for his meal.


Carl and Herbert, picture taken on the Burr Place summer of 1919.

Herbert, Carl and Ruth, picture taken on the Burr Place summer of 1919.

Herbert, picture taken on the Burr Place summer of 1919

This picture of the Peck Furniture Factory was taken after Herbert worked there. He worked there in about 1920. Peck's Furniture Factory was on Park Street across from the Cardington Park.

Mother wrote on back of this picture: Brundige
Bldg. (?) in background on West Main Street, Cardington, Ohio.

1920 - 1921 Sophomore Class Cardington High School
Harold Steward on the left and Herbert Campbell on the right.

Names of those in the picture Left to Right Back Row: Miss Lillian James (teacher), Harold Steward, Orville Philbrook, Harold "Lefty" Sherman, Walter Barton,
Herbert Campbell, Front Row: Maude Bond, Wanda Pringle, Ruth Long, Helen Fiaut, Vesta Arnold, Cheryl Miller, Miss Bates (teacher), Helen Farrington, Katherine Kreis, Mabel Cox.


The whole family, picture taken on the Burr Place summer of 1922.

Herbert was also an Artist !

When I was young, I used to love watching my dad drawing pictures. Following are some that he drew. The scribbles on some of them are "my help".

My mother and dad were married May 27, 1928. For the years 1928 to 1983 go to HAZEL ELIZABETH RUSSELL CAMPBELL AND BERNARD HERBERT CAMPBELL.

I don't know what year my dad quit working at the Hydraulic. He started helping my grandfather (Lennie) with the feed and farm machinery business. It was sometime around the time he built the house at 423 West Main Street - probably 1949.

In September 1979, he had a triple bypass. In the hospital (Mt. Carmel West), at the last minute, he decided he didn't want to have it. He said he didn't want to go through all that and then die of cancer. At that time, there was no sign of any cancer. He did go ahead and have the bypass. He was in Mt. Carmel West for weeks and was then transferred to Mt. Carmel East. I don't remember just when he finally got out of the hospital but I know I took Thanksgiving dinner to him in the hospital. He was feeling bad because he wasn't going to be home for it. Months later he said "I never did get to have Thanksgiving dinner". He just didn't remember it at all.

By February 1983, he wasn't well and my mother took him to his doctor at Mt. Carmel East. The doctor suspected cancer and wanted to put him in the hospital right away but they had to wait for a bed so he told mother to take him back home until they had one. She went out to the parking lot to get the car and she fell on the ice, shattered her wrist and they put her in the hospital. I went and stayed with my dad and the next day I was able to get him into the hospital. So, they were both in the hospital - one on one floor and one on another. About two days after that, my youngest son, John, fell off a cliff - broken leg and ankle bone. Nothing like having three in the hospital at the same time! My dad's tests came back and he did have cancer.

June 4th, 1983 was my dad's 79th birthday and it was also John's high school graduation. My dad was determined he was going to the graduation and he made it although he was very ill.

Mother wrote this on back of picture: Herbert's 79th birthday, John's graduation, and our last trip, any place, together. On the 6th of June.

He went into the hospital on June 6. He died on July 16, 1983.

Herbert B. Campbell Obituary:

Services for Herbert B. Campbell, 79, 1235 Briarcliff Road, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, will be 2 p.m. Thursday at First Methodist Church in Cardington with Dr. Edward Beck and the Reverend Walter Smith officiating. Burial will be in Glendale Cemetery, Cardington.

Mr. Campbell died Saturday night at Mt. Carmel East Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. He was born June 4, 1904 in Morrow County to the late Daniel Campbell and Druzilla (Herbert) Campbell.

He was a member of Seton Square Senior Citizens in Reynoldsburg; was a Reynoldsburg resident five years, coming from Cardington; and was a retired carpenter and pattern maker.

He is survived by his wife, Hazel (Russell) Campbell; a daughter, Mrs. Wilbur (Jean) Winchell of Thornville, Ohio; five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; a brother, Carl Campbell of Springfield; and a sister, Ruth Steward of Columbus.

Friends may call after 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Gompf Funeral Home, 440 S. Center St., Cardington, Ohio.